J-Town Disc Golf Club’s

4th Annual Dog Bowl

March 9th, 2024

J-Town Disc Golf Club hosted the 4th Annual Dog Bowl Event in Homer Glen at the Old Oak Country Club.

WCHS Staff and volunteers were accompanied by 6 wonderful dogs who are looking for their forever homes! We were overwhelmed by the immense generosity of not only J-Town’s Disc Golf Club, but the community at Old Oak Country Club and surrounding communities. We absolutely love this event and getting the chance to bring our adoptable dogs out for a day of fun and socialization!

Not only did they provide months of supplies for our shelter and our pets, but we also received an incredible monetary donation of $6,655.78! This money goes directly towards veterinary care of all of our adoptable pets. We work hard to ensure that all pets are given all vaccinations, testing and surgeries needed, and this donation will provide veterinary care for our pets for months to come.

We simply can not express our gratitude enough. We are so fortunate to have such an amazing community to help support our mission of caring for these homeless pets until they find their forever homes!