Shelter Wish List

** Items we need the most**

Pet Supplies

  • Purina Dog Food (Canned & Dry)**

  • Purina Cat Food (Canned & Dry)** NO RED DYE

  • KMR (Kitten Feeding Formula)

  • Esbilac (Puppy Feeding Formula)

  • Pet Nursers

  • Cat Litter (Generic is fine)**

  • Kongs (any sizes)

  • High-Capacity Stand on Scale – Model #49-115 (Revival Animal Health) (800) 786-4751

Office Supplies

  • #60 all color HP color cartridges

  • Plastic Storage Bins (to file papers)

  • Colored Paper

Building Supplies

  • Paper Towels

  • 50+ Gallon Trash Bags/ Drum Liners**

  • Plastic Storage Bins – Clear or Colored 18 Gallon

  • 4-foot Fluorescent Light Bulbs

  • Wringer Buckets

  • Heavy Duty String Mop Heads

  • 8FT Fiberglass Step Ladder

Cleaning Supplies

  • NOTE: For the safety and security of our residents the shelter currently subscribes to an EcoLab Cleaning system designed specifically for vets/animal shelters. This system covers laundry, floor and surface cleaners. In order to keep the cleaning of the shelter at professional strength, we no longer accept donations of bleach, all-purpose cleaner (ex: Pine Sol) or surface sprays. We will continue to need donations of the following:

    • Glass Cleaner

    • Dish Soap

  • IMPORTANT: EcoLab products are not donated to the shelter. If you’d like to sponsor our cleaning program, please call the shelter at (815) 741-0695. Thanks!