Thank you for choosing to become a Will County Humane Society Volunteer. We are glad you are here because volunteers are the key to our success.

The time and effort our volunteers spend caring for the animals keeps Will County Humane Society empowered to continue our mission of saving the lives of many more homeless animals in need.

General Volunteer Guidelines

All Volunteers

  1. Volunteers are welcome during official volunteer hours. Volunteers should not be at the shelter during open public viewing hours.
  2. All volunteers should dress appropriately for all weather conditions. The shelter grounds tend to flood in the spring, so waterproof boots are highly recommended. Volunteers are not allowed to wear slippers or flip-flops.
  3. Please do not answer the shelter phone or go behind the office desks at any time for any reason.
  4. If someone comes to the shelter to see animals, please let them know the shelter is closed and notate the hours on the front door. Contact the onsite Volunteer Lead regarding any other questions.
  5. Please do not bring friends or family members to the shelter during volunteer hours unless they have completed the Volunteer Form and have been trained by a Volunteer Coordinator.
  6. If you are approached by someone who claimed to have found a stray pet, or who is looking to give up their pet, NEVER accept the pet. Contact the onsite Volunteer Lead immediately.
  7. Observe all signs posted by Shelter Staff regarding animal health and care.
  8. Volunteers are not allowed to go in the dog or cat Isolation Areas.

Dog Volunteers

  1. Check with the onsite Volunteer Lead regarding dogs with special needs, health conditions or walking restrictions. Close all gates and doors behind you. Use clips to latch all gates. If you are uncomfortable walking specific dogs, please inform your Volunteer Lead. Although we sometimes want to give certain dogs more time than others, it is important we walk ALL dogs before giving longer, one on one attention.
  2. Assume that all dogs do not get along and keep a safe distance of at least 30 feet between you and the other walkers UNLESS your Coordinator has told you that certain dogs may be walked together.
  3. Work as a team so that everyone is in the loop regarding which dogs have been walked, and which still need to be walked. Please check off the Dog Volunteer White Board for dogs already walked.
  4. Slip leads must be used on all dogs, unless your dog has a harness on. Keep the slip lead snug during your walk.
  5. Stay on the designated walking path at all times and keep away from the house on property, bushes and brush, as well as the sunroom on the north end of the building.
  6. Cell phone use is not allowed while walking dogs. Your undivided attention should be on the pet you are handling as well as your surroundings. Smoking is also not allowed on property.
  7. Walkers must pick up dog waste as soon as it is expelled. Bags are provided.
  8. Please be sure to observe your dog during your walk. If they appear in pain or limping. stop walking and notify your Volunteer Lead or any Staff Member immediately.
  9. Never yell at a dog, jerk the lead in a forceful manner, or strike the dog for any reason. Anything appearing as abusive to the dogs, both verbal and physical, will result in your immediate dismissal.
  10. Check with the onsite Volunteer Lead before using toys.
  11. Check with the onsite Volunteer Lead before giving treats.
Dog Hours4:30 – 6pmNone 4:30 – 6pm None 4:30 – 6pm 9-10:30am None
Cat Hours4-6pm None 4-6pm None 4-6pm None None

Dog Room Training:  Prior to your first day of volunteering, you must complete a training session with a coordinator.  You will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator to set up a specific training session.  

Please note:  Dog room training will be cancelled in inclement weather!

Cat Room Training: Prior to your first day of volunteering, you must complete a training session with a coordinator.  You will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator to set up a specific training session.

Please complete the form below if you are interested in volunteering with Will County Humane Society. A Volunteer Coordinator will be in contact with you to schedule a training session with you.

1. Age & Hours Restrictions

2. Your Information

e.g. Parent, Spouse, etc.

3. Weekly Volunteer Program Days & Times

Below you’ll find a listing of volunteer days and times. A normal volunteer shift consists of dog walking and socialization as well as socialization with adoptable cats. You do not have to volunteer for both dogs and cats. You can select your preference in the application.

4. Select Your Volunteer Opportunities

Choose your preference for cats or dogs. To begin, you will need to choose one area since training in both areas are completely different. You can always train on the other side later.
Cat Hours:
Monday: 4p-6p
Wednesday: 4p-6p
Friday: 4p-6p

Dog Hours:
Monday: 4:30p-6p
Wednesday: 4:30p-6p
Friday: 4:30p-6p
Saturday: 9a-10:30a


Prior to volunteering, you must be trained by one of our Volunteer Leads. Once you submit your volunteer form, you will be contacted to schedule a training session.

5. Waiver- IMPORTANT! Please Read