This handsome cat is Malkin.

Malkin is a striking 9-year-old white and tabby cat looking for a forever family.

He was surrendered to us when his previous owners decided they no longer wanted to keep him. When he first arrived, he was understandably very angry and confused. It took a while for him to begin to trust shelter staff and volunteers. He is doing a lot better now, he allows gentle pets and head scratches, but doesn’t like being overly handled.

Malkin is not much of a fan of our other cats at the shelter. He tends to become uncomfortable when they get near him and will growl and hiss if they get too close. He would likely be happiest as the only cat in the house.

Due to Malkin’s hesitation with being touched and handled, we would like him to go into a home with no young children. He can be temperamental at times, so he’ll require a family who can be patient with him and help him grow beyond his traumatic past.

Malkin is a pretty easy-going cat. When he isn’t napping, he likes to watch the birds through the window and bathe in the sun. He loves Temptations treats and wet food!

Want to apply to meet Malkin? Visit our Adoption Process page to get started!